Goff looked like a new man when he wasn’t constantly under duress.

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The addition of Andrew Whitworth in free agency brought some much-needed stability to the Rams’ line. Goff was only sacked once and rarely pressured, and he threw for 306 yards and one touchdown in the Rams’ rout of the Colts on Sunday.

And Bradford, who took 38 sacks last season, was sacked just once and only pressured on six of his dropbacks on Monday night against the New Orleans Saints. He completed a ridiculous 84.4 percent of his passes for 346 yards, three touchdowns, and no picks. Minnesota’s line was consistent all night, which is something Bradford didn’t have the benefit of last season.

Other teams weren’t so fortunate. We saw that side of things from the Seahawks on Sunday, as they allowed three sacks and four quarterback hits. Russell Wilson was under pressure all day:

I applaud Jones for his candor and honesty when dealing with the first heartbreaking loss of his Buffalo career.

Afterwards, Taylor was one of the first Bills to approach Jones after the near-miss on the potential game-winning drive.

“He’s a young player,” Taylor said of Jones’ Buffalo’s second-round draft pick. “There’s a lot being asked of him, but there are some plays that are going to be made and not going to be made. The main thing is you’ve just got to learn from it and continue to move forward. Don’t let it hinder him moving forward. Learn to brush it off.”

“As a team, we have his back,” continued Taylor. “The game didn’t boil down to that. Would it have helped? Yes, but there were other plays out there that I didn’t make, as a team we didn’t make. As a team moving forward we have to learn from it.”
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