The Denver Broncos are better than anyone expected, especially Dallas

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An honest fan will tell you that the Denver Broncos probably didn’t have much chance to win their game against the Dallas Cowboys. While I predicted a Broncos win on the MHR predictions article, I was skeptical. The Broncos had more than couple questions about the offensive and defensive lines going into the game.

Each of Chicago’s first three drives of the game ended because of a Glennon turnover. The third was a terrible interception returned for a touchdown that extended Tampa Bay’s lead to 23-0.

Glennon threw a touchdown with less than two minutes on the clock in the game to avoid a shutout, but his 301-yard day didn’t matter. The hole he dug in the first half was too deep, no matter how much John Fox tries to deflect the blame from his quarterback.

“That wasn’t the Mike Glennon’s Bears, that was the Chicago Bears,” Fox said, via the Associated Press. “It was our whole team.”

And that’s true. The rest of the Bears offense hasn’t done Glennon many favors and likely wouldn’t have the tools to help Trubisky out much, either. But that’s not going to stop fans from wanting to see the rookie just like Texans fans did in Week 1.

Last year, Bears fans had to put up with interceptions because there wasn’t much alternative. After Jay Cutler it was Brian Hoyer, a journeyman on his fifth different team. Then it was Matt Barkley, who came to the Bears with no touchdowns and four interceptions after three years in the NFL.

Glennon doesn’t have the luxury of uninspiring backups. He has a fresh-faced rookie who looked impressive in preseason.

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