You probably haven’t heard much about either. But if Plan D works again, you will soon.

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You know what else Jon Gruden loves? Kettlebells. Or maybe they’re kettleballs. That’s what Gruden called them back in 2013, when he started swinging one around on the set despite the clear threat of harm and personal injury to poor Mike Tirico.

“These are 40-pound kettleballs, and you’ve got to use your legs … watch out, Mike,” Gruden said.

The only thing better than Gruden enthusiastically swinging a kettlebell around with total disregard for his surroundings is him calling it a kettleball while he’s doing it.

“That said, any time you have some success, you’re not always not gonna have drafts or acquisitions that are gonna blow the roof off. That’s the reality. But hopefully, you can continue to grow the talent and when there’s attrition, you’re able to rise people up through the depth of your roster.”

The idea is for the cycle that churned out Schweizer to keep spinning, and to that end we can introduce you to Domontae Kazee and Eric Saubert. The former’s a corner, the latter’s a tight end, both were drafted in the fifth round last year and each has shown the sort of signs that Schweizer did last year.

Tennessee drove 95 yards on their second possession and got on the board with a statement score from rookie Corey Davis. Davis hauled in the 15-yard pass from Marcus Mariota with a one-handed catch to take a 7-0 lead.

But there weren’t many glimmers of hope after that for the Titans. The Patriots ran away with it, exactly like everyone expected.

The first was a little Tom Brady toss to White that he ran in for a 5-yard score to tie things up 7-7. The second was a six-yard carry that put the Patriots up 14-7 over Tennessee.

White’s at his best in the postseason.

“Our team ops, our player engagement, our COO, they all did such an amazing job of handling the logistical nightmare,” GM Jason Licht said over the phone Wednesday night. “To orchestrate all of this, get everyone out, get everyone safe, then get everyone back, it was incredible. … You go through something like this and to know the resources are in place, with your ownership, it makes you feel good. I know everyone says that about their owners, but (the Glazers) were truly awesome. All the players are saying it today.”nationals_004

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