This 87-year-old Eagles fan finally got to pop the champagne bottle he bought in 1980

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The Eagles incredible Super Bowl win was even more special to people who have waited decades to see it happen 锟斤拷 people like 87-year-old Frank Markert. He bought a bottle of Andre Brut Champagne in 1980, hoping to pop it after the Eagles beat the Raiders in Super Bowl XV 锟斤拷 but alas the moment never came. Frank vowed he wouldn’t drink the bottle until the Eagles won a Super Bowl. Now it happened:
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It’s really great to see this moment and also utterly astonishing that a 38-year-old bottle of Andre was vaguely drinkable. I mean, it’s almost assured the bottle turned to vinegar 锟斤拷 but nonetheless it tasted good to Frank, because victory is sweeter than anything.

Last year, I watched the Super Bowl at the same place I saw the Eagles beat the Patriots: in SB Nation’s offices in Washington, D.C. I somehow got through the loss, with some moral support from my friend, colleague, and fellow Falcons fan Harry Lyles Jr. Then I drank some boxed wine and went back to my hotel and listened to really terrible, sad breakup music and may have cried a little until I finally fell asleep. It sucked.
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This year, well, it wasn’t as bad. I enjoyed seeing the Patriots lose. I felt a little vindicated.

I didn’t necessarily want the Eagles to win. It doesn’t change anything. But I am a little bitter about the fact the Eagles proved the Patriots are beatable, and the Falcons blew their chance to finally bring home a Lombardi Trophy last year.

It is not at all surprising the Patriots elected to defer after winning the coin toss. Bill Belichick is a big fan of deferring, with a 2014 article pointing to them deferring 48 of 50 coin tosses. The Patriots deferred on their first seven opportunities this season, and they went with that strategy again in the Super Bowl.

And of course, they say tails never fails, but that was not to be in 2018. Adjust future personal coin tosses accordingly.
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So the 49ers inherited a contract at the end of October that was half a season away from expiring.

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