Jerry Jones clarifies reason for potential NFL lawsuit and it’s not Ezekiel Elliott

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As Jerry Jones continues to generate conversations around the league just a few days after reportedly threatening to sue the NFL, the Cowboys owner is now clarifying his reason behind the potential lawsuit.

Jones’ comments about commissioner Roger Goodell’s contract extension come at a time when there has been back and forth on Ezekiel Elliott’s six-game suspension after the league’s investigation into domestic violence.

While Jones did say he is “disappointed when (Elliott’s) not going to play,” the Cowboys owner made it clear on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas that his bigger issue is with the negotiations over Goodell’s contract calling the two “separate issues.”

“I’d like to completely take this commissioner’s name out of my response,” Jones said. “To a large degree, it’s not about Roger Goodell. It’s about the power of the commissioner as it relates to ownership. To the extent that the ownership hires him, extends him, pays him on an ongoing basis, the ownership should have first-hand approval. Each owner should approve that.”

“The doctor was like, ‘Man, any harder and we probably would have had to wire your mouth shut,’” Wilson said at a news conference. “So that was a good thing that didn’t happen.”

The Seahawks’ schedule cut Wilson a break in the wake of the injury, as Seattle has a long layoff between the Thursday night game in Week 10 and a Monday night game in Week 11. Wilson insisted he’ll have no issues lining up against the Falcons for that contest, brushing off inquiries about how he feels now by saying, “I’m good, I’m fine, it’s good.”

Wilson also didn’t have much to say about the NFL’s investigation into whether the team violated concussion protocol by allowing the QB to return to the field after missing only one play following the hit in question.broncos_076-500x500


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