Maryland is the last Big Ten team to make it to the Final Four

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Rutgers, when still in the Big East, last made the Final Four in 2007. Michigan State is the last longtime Big Ten member to go to the Final Four, in 2005. Purdue (1999) is the only team to win an NCAA title as a member of the Big Ten.

“We try to have a great process every day to make sure we get better,” McGuff said. “That we take steps toward building an identity that will allow us to get there. Specifically, we know we have to get better defensively and be a better rebounding team.

Currently, tight end Charles Clay — who has not played since Oct. 8 because of a knee injury — leads Buffalo in receiving yards with 258. Bills wide receivers have caught 45 passes for 594 yards, the lowest totals for that position group in the NFL.

With the Patriots releasing the running back into the route scheme, Garoppolo knows he has to find his inside hot read and unload the ball (with a free rusher coming off the edge). Plus, Garoppolo has to deliver the ball quickly as the linebacker (orange circle) matches inside to Danny Amendola (yellow circle). This window closes in a hurry, but Garoppolo puts the ball right past the ear of the defender to complete the pass.

It’s an aggressive throw, but it’s also calculated with the defender playing with his back to Garoppolo. Even from a parallel platform, Garoppolo can fit this ball in to Amendola to beat the coverage scheme.

But as GIFs pulsed across the hockey world, Matthews stewed. It had been his assignment that night—Senators forward Kyle Turris—who struck the game-winner in overtime. When Brian met his son after the game, he recalls, “the first words out of Auston’s mouth were, ‘I kind of blew it there and let my man get free.’ ”canadiens_396_9895eac3b8ad1853-180x180


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