Rams WR Robert Woods to miss a couple weeks with shoulder injury

Posted by admin on November 27, 2017 in Tampa Bay Buccaneers |

The Los Angeles Rams, relatively healthy throughout the course of their upstart season, will now be without their most productive receiver for at least the next two games.

The 25-point margin was Indiana’s largest win of the season (previous best being 23 at Minnesota on Oct. 24), and the biggest Miami loss of the season (previous worst being 17 twice, most recently at Golden State on Nov. 6).

Both of Indiana’s trips to Miami this season are now out of the way. In a weird quirk, six of the last seven Pacers-Heat games have been played in Miami. The Heat go to Indianapolis on Jan. 10 and March 25.

Jones did not deny what ESPN reported after he learned Elliott would be suspended: “I’m gonna come after you with everything I have.”

“I won’t address that here tonight as far as those particular comments,” Jones said Sunday after the Cowboys’ 37-9 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. “I’ve had really thousands of words with Roger over the years and so I don’t want to address anything that was reportedly said or recorded.”

When asked what his response is to other owners in the NFL who believe he should not be as vocal, Jones said he has not heard them say that.

Best-case scenario: All those kicks and conversion tries going better equal 13 more points. And that’s not even counting a Dwight Freeney strip-sack fumble recovery touchdown in the fourth quarter that was (correctly) overturned on replay.


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