Rank ’em! Week 3 NBA Power Rankings

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Watson’s fourth touchdown gave the Texans a 38-34 lead. The rookie quarterback finished 19-of-30 for 402 yards and three interceptions, including a first-quarter pick-six.

The Seahawks went on to win the game 41-38.

What you didn’t see is consistency in how the numbers sunk across the board, something the owners showed concern over inside those meetings rooms. Consider these:

There are six time-related viewing windows the NFL measures every week. Through six weeks, the NFL’s ratings were down in 22 of 36 windows.

Move over, Martavis Bryant. There’s a new trade rumor this week.

University of South Dakota football players face charges in an alleged assault this month at an off-campus residence.

The Basics: Located on top of The Hampton Inn, this rooftop bar has got the views…and the prices to accompany that view. You won’t be getting super cheap beer here, but you will be getting a look at Nats Park—”full infield and partial outfield views.” Obviously prepare to combat the crowds if you want a good spot.

Wentz wasn’t quite as effective against the 49ers on Sunday. The 2016 second overall pick wasn’t bad by any means, but he threw an ugly interception to set up the 49ers for a (relatively meaningless) touchdown. The interception came on third down, where both Wentz and the Eagles have been lights out this season, but the 49ers — who possessed the league’s worst third-down defense heading into the game — held the Eagles to a 4-for-14 performance on third down.

NFL spokesman Joe Lockhart said, however, that both players still could face fines for their actions.


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