The Broncos have whiffed in every way at quarterback post-Peyton Manning.

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There are always a handful of bowl teams playing under the direction of an interim head coach, and every such situation is different. Some teams have the full staff on board except the departed head coach, while others have also lost coordinators and other key assistants and are trying to prepare for the game with a shorthanded staff that has everybody in unfamiliar roles. How the team feels about the situation and how it responds to the interim boss are also keys. In some cases a new coach has already been named, and in some the future is still uncertain.

They lost defensive coordinator Wade Phillips, and they lost any familiar defensive mojo with Von Miller and the “Mile High No-Fly Zone.” They have been caught off guard in going from contenders to pretenders so quickly, even though there were signs of that development last season. Poor coaching has only made the situation more volatile.

The incompetence has led to the breaking of their spirit. Their proud defenders don’t have any confidence in the offense — nor should they — and it shows.

Young was brought in from the outside … again, in the bad ol’ days, when then-commissioner Pete Rozelle had to mediate a feud over that hiring between Wellington Mara and his nephew Tim.

Accorsi and Reese were promoted from within. Reese had been with the organization since 1994. How likely is it that path will be followed, after this implosion? Hard to say.

The pass defense is starting to spring a few more leaks, but Baltimore needs to be pleased with Alex Collins providing a spark in the running game and opening things up for Joe Flacco and the rest of the offense. They Ravens are a dangerous wild card should they get back into position.nike_chargers_538-180x180


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