We have that kind of relationship, Roberts joked. We have a great relationship.

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It’s not the Masters (coming soon on CBS!) but the coaches’ photo at the NFL Annual Meeting is a pretty swell annual tradition. Each year, the NFL tries to wrangle all 32 coaches into one spot so they can all take a photo, and each year a few go missing.

All the while, Andy Reid just continues to crush the event in a Hawaiian shirt. Reid started going with the laid-back look once he moved from the Eagles to the Chiefs, and it’s a look that befits Big Red. He just looks comfortable and it’s a reminder how much less of a hassle it must be in Kansas City versus Philadelphia.

If you don’t like that answer, you weren’t really paying attention to how the Dodgers got to the World Series last season. Unwanted veterans like Brandon Morrow and Chris Taylor didn’t stir any hearts when the Dodgers took interest. But both were key components of the historically strong regular season and the postseason run.

Morrow defected to the Cubs via free agency, but Taylor is now the everyday center fielder. No one around the team seems to marvel at that, even though it’s something no one would have predicted a year ago. Taylor, a man of few words, is so embedded at this point that his manager rarely even speaks to him.

Two months after his on-field chat with Davis, McCallum was back in Las Vegas, sitting in the second row of desks, on the left side of Classroom 220. He was taking an executive development course taught by Bo Bernhard at the UNLV International Gaming Institute.

McCallum and Bernhard had not been formally introduced, and they very nearly weren’t on that day either. The course, designed for senior vice presidents and next-generation CEOs in the gaming industry, had a capacity limit of 30. McCallum was the 30th attendee to sign up.

Bernhard began his lecture by holding up an old, black-and-white picture of his great-great grandfather, a charismatic casino worker in the 1940s, who went by Joe Kid Jordan. He explained how his grandfather was very good as his job, but had to worry only about what took place inside whichever casino he was working for at the time.

He didn’t have to find China on map, Bernhard told the class. You, as leaders of today, no longer have that luxury.


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