The long, two-sport Saturday in Kyler Murray’s quest to replace Baker Mayfield

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For all the budding hype, Murray said that he’s “not worried right now” about the baseball draft. Riley, however, confessed that he has already “had some discussions” about it with Murray and his family.

“We’ve been open and honest with each other on that and comfortable about where we’re at,” Riley said without offering any details.

The biggest reason why I think Keller ends up among the best in his class comes down to usage. He is going to be a top-line player. Keller is essentially the centerpiece of the Coyotes’ young core. He was the team’s MVP this year in a season that went off the rails a bit too quickly, but there is reason for optimism. The Coyotes were a middle-of-the-pack team for the 2018 portion of the season after goalie Antti Raanta finally got healthy. Keller was a key in that growth as well, with 29 points in his last 32 games. He is the Coyotes’ future at this point, which I think is going to give him more opportunities to put up bigger numbers down the road and help bring this team back to contender status.

The good news for the NHL and the rest of us is that every year now, multiple impact players enter the league. It has been a lot of fun to watch, and seeing this class grow will be no different. What a great time to be a hockey fan.

John Henson, Bucks center: “When Rozier hit that 3 [with] 0.5 seconds, everybody was just like, ‘We’re going to have to throw something up.’ Khris got a great shot. We work on stuff like that every day, and it went in.”

Khris Middleton, Bucks forward: “That’s a play we’ve been practicing for a couple weeks now, preparing for that moment. We actually flipped the side of the [floor] we usually run it in practice on. Just got a good look. Giannis was surveying the floor. [I] just tried to get open [and] knew it was at that point where it was a catch-and-shoot situation. So [I thought] if I get it in my hands, just let it go. Somehow it dropped in for me.”

Giannis Antetokounmpo, Bucks forward: “First of all, before the timeout, I asked Khris if he wants the ball. He said, ‘Yes, give me the ball.’ I was looking at Tony [Snell]. Tony was wide open under the rim, then I looked at Bledsoe, then I looked at Khris again. He was far away, so I thought, ‘I can’t give him the ball, it’s too far,’ but I didn’t have no option. I gave it to Khris, and thank god he knocked the shot down.”canucks_1158


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