Adonis Alexander dismissed from Virginia Tech, expected to apply for supplemental draft

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Cornerback Adonis Alexander was expected to be a 2019 draft pick, but his entry to the NFL may come sooner than that.

Alexander was dismissed from the Virginia Tech football team on Friday for what the Roanoke Times reports are academic issues.

Still, there is also a flip side for Trump, whose head-on verbal barrage against the NFL over protesting players has been a red-meat issue politically, stoking his base and creating a staple talking point he has continually revisited.

In theory, taking part in the Kaepernick case would give him the opportunity to air his thoughts about the quarterback face-to-face in a deposition – much the same way multiple NFL owners have done in the process.

That faith has carried Bridgewater back to the highest level of professional football. Tuesday, nearly 22 months after that devastating day, Bridgewater continued to build on his impressive spring. He looked comfortable scrambling in the pocket. He zipped passes into tight windows. He encouraged his teammates. And when training camp starts next month, he’ll have a legitimate shot to win the Jets’ starting quarterback job. 

Faith can be a powerful thing.

Bridgewater’s left knee bent so unnaturally, at such a grotesque angle, that months later his teammates cringed when they thought about it. They refused to talk about what they saw. 

One moment, Bridgewater was a 23-year-old with a promising future. And then he dropped back, tripped awkwardly and damaged his leg so extensively that doctors later worried about amputation. 

That’s probably one of the worst injuries I’ve seen since the LT-Theismann injury, Jets coach Todd Bowles said Tuesday, to the iconic 1985 Monday Night Football injury that became an iconic example of how brutal football can be.

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